Is it all in our heads? Some people seem to think Crohn’s and IBD related diseases can also be psychosomatic, which in layman’s terms basically means stress and stuff can affect us in a very very bad way, more than people without IBD. Our guts might be attuned to our mental well being even more so than people who get butterflies in their stomach when worried, or get stomach aches when they’re stressed out. Folks like us with Crohn’s and IBD would react… worse… in theory. Again. Theory. Because there is still so much to be learned about Crohn’s and IBD, alot of it’s still theory, and heck, they’re not even sure what causes it yet…

So I figure, distractions are key. Keeping your mind OFF THE CROHN’S. When I was first diagnosed, I think I was probably revising/studying for exams and stuff, I know I missed an exam because of symptoms and had to do it later on. So that would align with the stress/mental health theory.

After I was diagnosed, given the right drugs, it settled down, I got my appetite back, started baking alot, and I had pretty much no problems. Stayed that way for ages, bar the occasional flare up which was beaten down by Prednisolone. I had a few more flare ups while I was at uni I think, a more stressful situation maybe, but more to do, so it was still ok most of the time, no major symptoms like pain, no gurgles that’s for sure, and I’ve been lucky about the diarrhea side of Crohn’s it seems. Mainly pain and tiredness that are symptoms for me.

Anyway. Distractions. Thinking about other things. I think it really does help. Thinking too much about your Crohn’s or IBD will just bog you down. Till things got bad this year, I didn’t think about it. I definitely didn’t think about it while I was in China, because I was too busy, working, having fun, doing stuff. I didn’t have time to worry over it. Or worry over anything. I think anxiety plays a role for me too. When I worry about money or something, I notice it playing up, I think that’s what did it this time. That and trying to find a job back home. While I was volunteering even, it seemed a bit better, showing that keeping busy, keeping your mind off it, could really help. I’ve spoken to other people on forums and tumblr and stuff that also find this to be the case. Keeping busy, keeping active, can really help. Although once you’re at the point where you feel crap, tired, lazy, in pain etc, obviously you’re not gonna wanna go for a bike ride or anything. So distractions in the form of TV, internet, games, books, anything to keep your mind off it, can also be positive. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself is not conducive. It does NOT help. But I know how that feels. When you feel helpless and pathetic and don’t wanna do anything but sit on your own and cry. It sucks major ass. But I only got that way after I had to think a lot about Crohn’s, and after being stuck in hospital, on the regimented routine of drugs, tests, drugs, tests, food, early mornings, late nights. It’s not a good place to be…

If being happy and positive is part of getting better with Crohn’s and IBD, being in hospital, or thinking too much about the disease is not helpful.


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