Food on the brain

For the past… must be 5 months or so now, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the Food Network. In particular, Diner’s Drive in’s and Dives with Guy Fieri, but obviously, when you have Crohn’s, or IBD, alot of that highly spiced/flavoured delicious looking meat fests that get featured on the show, are off limits to us. Though occasionally there are lighter things, noodles, pasta, rice dishes, it would still be difficult for us to adapt… of course it depends on the person, as Crohn’s and IBD seems to be a fickle mistress unfortunately.

I’ve just got food on the brain. Literally. Even if I’m not hungry. I want to eat and/or cook things. Which is a waste of time… I made Sesame cookie things a few days ago, and ate hardly any of them…. which SUCKS. I want my huge appetite back. And I want to be able to eat what I like again.

This blog will hopefully be a mix of helpful tips and recipe things that don’t bother Crohn’s and IBD, things that don’t agitate our stomachs and bowels. Because right now, mine is bubbling away merrily, though it seems to do that no matter what I eat. That’s my goal. To make my tummy quiet again T-T.


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