Lazy Tuna Cheese Melt


If this is what you want, turn away now, because mine is a quick and lazy version. No grill involved. But plenty of melting.

So I’m meant to be on a low residue, low fibre diet. And I can’t eat massive portions at once, so it means I have to snack literally every couple of hours if I want to get all of my calories. I also need to replenish my protein, which is even harder since the Crohn’s is probably making it so it’s not getting absorbed even if I do eat enough. And apparently things must be fairly low in fat, because fats are harder to digest, so no hot dogs, sausages, processed meats, all the things I loved to snack on… specially hot dogs… and things like cheese, are apparently harder to digest, so when I do brave some cheese, I have to do it in moderation, same for milk products, but that’s mainly because I get phlegmy lol. I think rich foods are also not a great idea for me at the moment, but that’s just me. Everything has to be in tiny pathetic portions either way…

I’m currently looking for quick, easy snack foods that require very little prep time, because sometimes you don’t wanna spend ages making something you then don’t really feel like eating, am I right? So this, a Tuna cheese melt, done the extreme lazy way, and power saving too, I’d like to think.

This is a SUPER lazy way of doing a tuna cheese melt. And amount wise, you can change it up however you like. I shall put how much I used though and you can judge from there. I used no mayo in mine because I hate English mayo, the only mayo I find tolerable is the Kewpie kind when I had it in China. It was added on a lot of stuff I didn’t expect it to be lol.

  • 1 slice of white bread, toasted and buttered (white because low fibre)
  • 1/3 of a drained can of Tuna steak in brine (link included for nutritional info etc) which is about 50g of tuna, or a few big tablespoons.
  • A little olive oil (mainly to help the tuna stick together)
  • Grated cheddar cheese, but you could use whatever cheese you like really, hard probably better than soft though, but depends if you want a more tuna salad consistency really.
  • A pinch of salt and/or pepper, to your taste really. I probably didn’t need the salt in hindsight…

So what I did was mix the tuna in a microwavable bowl with a little olive oil and salt, then I grated the cheese right into the bowl, to avoid excess washing up, mix the tuna and cheese together, you can add as much cheese as you like really, totally up to you, I didn’t add *too* much because I’m still not sure how cheese affects me.
I put the bread in the toaster, I have the butter at the ready, and while it’s toasting I bung the tuna and cheese mix into the microwave at full power for 15-20 seconds, I mix it around a bit, and then put it back in for another 20 seconds. I can hear the popping from the microwave… not sure if good or bad thing. Either way. The cheese melted, the tuna got hot, like I wanted.
Bread done, buttered it quick, and then I spread the tuna and cheese mix on top. All but one of the crusts of the bread are gone because I was told crusts are roughage and too fibrous… which sucks cos I like crusts. I leave one on to hold the toast though XD

And that’s my lazy tuna cheese melt. I would have done it under the grill, but that takes a lot more time and effort, waiting for it to heat up. Though then I could have had a traditional looking tuna cheese melt like in the picture. Or a full sandwich version, if I was in the mood. A quick snack was all I was going for though. Simple and had some flavour without the things I know bug me. You could add sauces and more seasoning to the tuna if you like, and normally, I’d smother a toastie in cheese. Literally. Thick slabs of cheddar, melted under the grill, so the bread to cheese ratio is dangerously unbalanced. Alas, right now, I’m restricted in what I eat… so I must find ways of eating yummy things without the trouble. Or eating yummy things which have what I need in them… gah… it’s difficult right? Adhering to our guts rules…

Hope this doesn’t seem like a totally disgusting idea. I know most tuna melts involve mayo, or some dressing to stick it all together, but this is just meant to be quick, and tasty. Which is was. It was tuna-y and cheese-y and not too heavy. Like I hoped.


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