To trim the fat, or not trim the fat


So bacon with too much fat on is apparently a very bad idea. I can’t think what else messed up today, so it must have been the bacon muffin I had after my gastro appointment(will elaborate later). But it seemed to just sit in my stomach all day till I hurled in the evening. Tmi I know, but most folks with Crohn’s and IBD have to get used to talking about bodily functions, so it’s probably not that shocking.

I know some things I’ve read have said that fat in general is harder to digest, and therefore bad for Crohn’s. Which I’ll go with, since processed hot dogs and stuff like that seem to bother me, during a flare up anyway. Even though I ate canned/jars of hot dogs loads before. And beans… I miss baked beans… but right now thinking of food isn’t what I wanna do. But there are good fats we need too right? Either way, I went from feeling meh, to feeling seriously bleh… literally.

My appointment with my new gastro doc seemed to go well though, since my previous one has semi retired lol. He wants to get me well as much as I do, kept saying he knows I’m being tough/strong about it all, which made me wanna cry every time, because I don’t feel like I’m being particularly tough. My symptoms seem to be rearing their ugly head again, like before when the Prednisolone dose decreased and I started to get worse… since Humira was doing nothing for me. Pain even when I’ve not eaten anything, or for hours and hours afterwards due to the food sitting in my stomach and not filtering through I think… since usually after all that pain, I’d throw it up anyway. Which hasn’t been the case in the past few days… this new doc also put me on iron pills, since I’m a bit anemic, due to lack of red meat and stuff, and I’m still low on protein of course, and my liver seems to be acting funny too because of the Crohn’s.
So back up to 40mg of Pred, still 150mg of Azathioprine, and then I’ve got iron pills to take too, which for all I know could have caused the upset today. If it happens again tomorrow, when I’m having nothing but Fresubin as a test, then I’ll know it’s the iron pills… which I’ve had before, Ferrous Sulfate tablets, and been fine with I think… stupid stomach… needs to make it’s mind up… Honestly an operation isn’t looking too bad right now, if things continue on this way. Can’t live with this pain… and I’d like to be able to eat more normally again…

Literally been in tears today when it’s been too painful… and when my mum brought up the bowel resection I just teared up almost instantly. Been trying not to cry in front of anyone, I don’t want them worrying any more than they already are….


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