Crumpet Cravings, Garlic Pizza Muffins + more

Too underdone for my liking, but it’s all personal taste.

Earlier on today I had a huuuge craving for crumpets, alas because of whatever happened yesterday, liquids only, and tomorrow… effin Fresubin…

Crumpets don’t seem to bother me at least. Just toasted with a bit of butter on, not too much mind you, too much fat=bad thing. Usually with crumpets I’d slightly over toast them, since undertoasted is no good. So they might be a little crispier on the outside than some would like :3 Like this.


(Though I’d make sure all the butter was spread into the crumpet, I don’t like getting a mouthful of butter on stuff like toast. My dad prefers that though o_o;)

Drowning a crumpet in melted butter so that when you squish it down it leaks butter is just brilliant, but can’t right now XD. Muffins are also tempting as hell right now…

This was the closest thing to what I made I could find, since most results came up as actual muffins, not English muffins lol. Only difference is the sauce base and kind of meat, though it looks like ham anyway, pepperoni would have been my topping of choice too. Ham and pepperoni. Even better. I did add more cheese than that though… maybe a little too much in retrospect…

English muffins seem to be too stodgy for me at the moment, they fill me up more, I suppose they don’t have all the holes that crumpets do after all. But an English muffin, with some butter and/or whatever toppings you like, quick snack. Works nicely. I made mini garlic pizza muffins(like the ones you might have made in Food Tech class in early high school lol) under the grill a few weeks ago in fact, since tomato isn’t always a good thing, though tomato sauce from a squeezy bottle seems fine. Even puree I think. (Guidelines for making Garlic Pizza Muffin’s below the cut :3)

So what I did, if you’re interested in possibly recreating this, was toast the muffin halves under the (preheated, duh!) grill on the crust(non-cut?) side for a little, then flip them, spread a little garlic puree and a little butter on the untoasted side, put them back under the grill until you see fit, I did it till the garlic puree and butter had melted into the muffin a bit. I then took them off the grill, added grated cheese, cheddar in this case, and some cut up sliced ham, generic supermarket stuff, nothing fancy, no Italian cured meats or thick cut gammon sadly lol. Sprinkled on a little more cheese over the ham, and then put them back under the grill to let the cheese melt accordingly. I like mine to be a bit browned, make sure it’s all melted. Upside of grating instead of slicing, it melts way quicker. For a cheese toastie, you always slice, but for something like this, grating makes the process so much faster. How much sliced cheese you see going on a pizza anyway? Exactly. And here’s an actual full recipe, using a tomato sauce base though instead of garlic. It’s an American recipe too, so get ready to google how much a cup is if you don’t have a set of measuring cups lol. I didn’t for ages XD I might add some Parmesan next time to see how that goes, but chances of having fresh mozzarella in our house is very slim. Brie or gouda maybe, but usually just cheddar. I miss edam cheese though. Rubbery goodness.

toasting waffles

Not my photo, linked to source, but this is them. McVities Toasting Waffles. With chocolate spread, or Nutella in this case, also good.

Other food I’ve been noshing on as breakfast are toasting waffles. They’re light, but yummy, so when you first wake up, it’s not too much. I like them plain, or with chocolate spread. I bet they go well with honey or syrup too though, but I’m eating them like toast, with my hands, so syrup seems a tad messy. The upside, or downside of these waffles are they’re 115 calories per waffle, for someone trying to gain weight, that’s good I spose, could be better, but considering how light and relatively small they are in comparison to 2 slices of white toast, they’re the better option if you’re on a low residue/low fibre diet, like me.

If you really can’t be bothered to use any appliance, I’ve found mini salted pretzels to be inoffensive enough, if chewed appropriately. I usually suck on mine and chew them down into infinity before actually swallowing them XD.
So if you’re craving salt, or flavour of any kind, after having to eat nothing but bland food, salted pretzels can be nice. Long as there’s enough salt on them… I’ve even dipped them in cream cheese to change things up lol. Right now there seem to be alot of festive pretzel shapes about instead of regular ones. Christmas tree’s, bells, stars. I prefer the normal kind, but I’ll take what I can get when I’m desperate for things other than boiled eggs for snacks, or whatever you find easy to digest and high in vitamins. Gotta keep our diet relatively balanced as much as we can, even with all the things we supposedly shouldn’t eat XD.


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