Christmas with Crohn’s

So I managed to keep out the hospital over actual Christmas. Which I’m soooo glad of. Even got to eat some of the delicious Christmas dinner my dad made, and my Yorkshire puddings which I made the batter for *proud chef*. Better than Aunt Bessie’s any day. Cos homemade is always better. Everyone knows that.


And I swear to you, cooked in a tin/tub like that, this is what they’ll look like if you do it right. Just the right combo of doughy in the middle and crunchy edging.

So yeah. I had some chicken, roast potato’s(sooo good), gravy, over boiled(how I likes em!!) carrots, Yorkshire pudding, a little of each, not nearly as much as I’d want mind you. But I ate too much as it is. Felt the consequences… but worth it. Since I didn’t get to eat much in the way of anything on my birthday… no cake… no nothing…. T-T Depressing much? No cake on your birthday… I’ve had cake on EVERY BIRTHDAY. EVER. Effin Crohn’s.

Yorkshire pudding naming rights

They may look perfect, but they’re too small, kinda dry, and just not as good as home made. Fine if you’re a lazy sod or have LOADS of people to feed. But homemade is better by far. You know it.

But I was snacking here and there. Trying to get calories in. Failing miserably as I seem to have dropped down to closer to 60kg by the end of the weekend, after my friday of hell and throwing up.

I used the Delia Smith Yorkshire pudding recipe for anyone who cares. Bestest one. Always used it, always doubled the ingredients, because there was never enough for a family for 5. We’d do the same with cake recipe’s too. Delia too actually… my dad’s fault probably. (PS, You really don’t need to sieve the flour, most flour is pre-sieved or something, and it doesn’t get much more air into it, just makes you feel like it does XD. I still almost do every time I bake… but I’m learning to resist…)

Whether or not eating the delicious doughy middle part (my favourite), also the most fat filled I bet, was the best idea is yet to be truly decided, as I had alot of food that day which I probably shouldn’t have. Not doing myself any favours really.


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