I managed to avoid the hospital. For a week longer than anticipated. Maybe it was my sheer willpower in not wanting to be in over Christmas and my birthday? Maybe it was luck? Either way. Exactly one week after my little upset, I got worse again. Pain for hours, and spasm-y pain that came and went in waves. Most painful pain I can recall feeling. That didn’t let up if I moved or anything, because usually it eases. But it just stayed gurgly and bubbly and painful for hours, which was unusual. Which led me to being fast passed to the AMU ward at the N&N via my local GP, who was ever so helpful, and sympathetic, considering he was on call.

So, parents sufficiently worried, little brother left at home while I’m rushed off into hospital, third time this year in the space of six months… not a good year for my Crohn’s…

Doc’s have already been told what’s going on at least, so everything goes pretty smooth admittance wise. Still. Not what I wanted over Christmas… but if I was getting no better at home… and they can do more investigations here…. rather than waiting weeks for an MRI… the pain has eased off significantly since yesterday, but still more prominent that usual… specially after eating, and the general niggle is still present… which paracetamol does NOTHING for….


Empty bed belonging to one of my bay-mates. She’s off for a fag… ikr?

On a Gastro ward, in bay with 5 women, 4 of which are under the age of 90 at least, one is even younger than me poor thing, with a worse condition too. Seen my actual Gastro doc, which is good. But plans are still fuzzy as to what will happen to me. They still hope drugs will fix things. So do I. But I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired… Back on IV Prednisolone twice a day, still on Azathioprine, painkillers(which don’t work) when I want em to an extent, Lanzoprozole and buscopan too, I’m not sure about anti sickness… not sure I’m written up for any… really should be….


My IV line. In possibly the most awkward place ever, far as typing and gaming are concerned. Least I can move my elbows without it poking me though. I do have some impressive bruises where people have tried to bleed me already though…

Peace out for now. Will report back on delicious things I know I could eat safely while I’m here. Out of boredom and informational reasons :3


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