Modulen – Milk of the Demon Spawn


So 3 days ago I was put on Modulen to see if that’d help settle my bowels, and since it’s made specifically for IBD patients I thought it’d be good. Alas, didn’t go as I’d hoped.

At first I didn’t think it was too bad. It tasted like kinda sweet milk, smelled a bit odd, like off milk or old milk or something… baby milk even… (but the powder does look like baby formula…) but when I got pains and gurgles just as bad as I was eating a low residue/low fibre diet I figured it wasn’t doing what it was meant to. And the dietitian said usually people feel better after a few days of being on the Modulen diet. So it’s possible it just doesn’t work for me.

elemental 028

So instead I’m being trialed on the Elemental 028 liquid diet. Not a fan of the fruit juicy build up drinks(it only comes in 3 flavours… orange and pinapple, which I’ve tried, grapefruit and summer fruits…), buuuut honestly compared to the milkshakey Fresubin I lived on for 2 weeks, the fruit ones would be a welcome change. But another 2 weeks at least on nothing but drink… I’m gonna go crazy again… I broke down the last few days of the 2 weeks of Fresubin too. As I was still experiencing pain and gurgles regardless. Fingers crossed this Elemental 028 Extra stuff works better. I just need nutrients while I’m coming off the steroids and whatnot in prep for the operation I’m almost definitely having.

You’re also allowed to, if you’re really desperate, to suck on boiled sweets and drink weak squashes. But I’ll see. 028 Extra may not even work for me… might cause the same rumblings that Modulen did…. milk of the demon spawn… mixing that stuff up… ICK.


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