The Sixth Day… of No Food – Torturous delicious smells…

I smell roast potato’s… and gravy… and meat… I can smell everything…


I’m on the 6th day of no food. On the Elemental 028 Extra liquid diet. And it’s roast day on the ward… so all I smell is deliciousness… Technically it was Modulen I started on Tuesday, but that didn’t agree with me, so after 2 and a half days of that they decided to try me on the Elemental 028 Extra stuff. Which has settled day, after the first day of normal food pains after just two 250ml cartons… how liquid can cause the same amount of pain as solid food I don’t know. But it did. But the next day I kept on, managed 3 cartons through the day, 2 of which were watered down and some suggested. Seemed to help. Unlike the dietitian’s and doctor’s instructions, you’re not meant to go right onto the full 7-8 cartons a day, you’re meant to build up to that over a week. So why the hell they were trying to force feed me that much right away I don’t know. Probably because I’ve lost so much weight and haven’t gained anything since coming into hospital… but really… you’d think their medical knowledge would extend that far. Even the nurses seemed shocked at the number I was told I had to drink… They all feel sorry for me, as do the staff who come round asking what people want for breakfast/lunch/dinner. They’ve learned to avoid me… and just give me sad looks instead…

My stomach is still gurgling and kinda uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful, and it’s not making me queasy like it was. Which are all upsides. The idea of having to get 7-8 of these down undialuted is still daunting though… If I can manage 4 250ml cartons, watered down with an extra 250ml of water… that’s… 2000ml a day alone, which will make me rumble regardless, cos even water going through bothers me at the moment. I suppose I just keep adding less and less water. Or like some people have done, make ice lollies out of them. The orange and pineapple ones aren’t bad, but I ran out of those yesterday. And there are only 2 grapefruit left in the fridge. Not sure what I’m meant to do if they don’t get more by tonight/tomorrow. As it’s my sole source of sustenance…

I smell roast potato’s.. T-T


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