Bad things I do.

It seems like almost every time I’ve in hospital I end up buying things(usually clothes) online. Even though I won’t get to use/wear them til after I’m out. But I held out for 3 days this time. 3 days. And it might have ran out of stock… and the other one was just cheap and nice…
And I’m allowed to wanna look like a doll sometimes. And this gives me an aim to get back to a more normal weight too. Since right now they’re probably *slightly* too big for me… though one is definitely too short, so I’ll be needing an underskirt/mini-petticoat or something. Just for common decency. Or a pair of shorts or something…

I have always wanted a little tartan dress like that though… cos of Tokyo Mew Mew mainly I think… even though it’s a sweater she has, and pajama’s, not a dress I think… unless she wears the dress later on…. I forget… and the other on was red and pretty and cheap… and I’m sick… people can’t judge what I do… I’ve currently spent most of the day on some site looking at every item of clothing and accessories picking my favourites… I will then proceed to pick the most favourite… probably that adorable CCS-esque bag…. it’s like £10. These are Chinese prices on a site selling, well, Chinese stuff, but that’s why I like it, and recognise alot hehe. But regardless. I shouldn’t be spending any money at all. I should be saving it… for important stuff. Like rent and bills. And repaying my poor parents who are supporting me during this sickly period….

I might draw animu me in the dresses and accessories I pick later on… not tonight though, cos tired, and my tummy is rumbly after drinking too much. Or drinking the oxo beef broth… that probably wasn’t the smartest idea on earth….. but the dietitian said it was ok…….. curse her… she also says decaffinated coffee and tea is ok… not trusting that…


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