The Eighth Day – The End of Elemental 028

build up drinks

So I threw up the 3 Elemental 028’s I drank from 9am to 2pm-ish. Not sure if I drank them too quick or if soluable paracetamol would have reacted with it. But either way, they weren’t sitting well regardless and drinking 8 a day just to maintain my current weight… which is underweight anyway, was ridiculous. At 250ml each. My only two options now are either going back on Fresubin and getting 6 down a day, or an NG tube. Which I’d much rather avoid to be honest…

So I’m sitting here sipping on Fresubin Energy Cappuccino flavour. Hoping it’s not as sickly as I remember. And hoping I can manage to get 6 down a day. But it’s 5:30pm so I’m just gonna make up for what I lost earlier on. I didn’t through everything up I drank earlier at least, but enough. And it wasn’t fun. Of course when is throwing up fun… I’d just like something to relieve the bloating/distending that happens. Since nothing seems to be escaping and I seem to be in all the moderate discomfort… plus my stomach’s been moving about like the Alien babies in the Alien movies… you can feel it and see it churning…

Does this mean I start a fresh 2 weeks on Fresubin again or does this count towards the 2 weeks of not eating? Cos I’ve not been eating for 8 days already!! And I want food…. food hurts just as much as this… but this is meant to be easier on the damn gut… which rests it before any operation… *sigh*

I want a baked potato with cheese and beans and butter… or just creamed potato… or just a baked potato with cheese… I know I’m not allowed beans… too fibrous…. maybe after the surgery… who knows…


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