On the Fourteenth Day… GIVE ME SAVOURY SNACKU’S!!!


Past 3 days I’ve been craving these. Now I’m not sure my mouth knows what it truly wants… it wants savoury that’s for sure…

So the Fresubin didn’t sit well either. Made me feel sick, gloopy, painful. I seem to have had no luck with the EN feed things. Even though before I was drinking Fresubin exclusively for almost 2 weeks, at great gloopyness and pain mind you… didn’t seem to help at all really.
NG tubes apparently don’t work for me either…

So I’m on TPN. It was decided before the weekend as they tried an NG tube then, but that didn’t sit well either, and I threw it up after 4 hours of sitting there feeling odd, nothing going in. Just the empty tube sitting in me. Either way. I hurled it almost just as my parents had arrived for visiting on the friday.

Yesterday afternoon I went in to have the PICC line put it, so they could start the TPN. Which has all happened. (Today’s really the fifteen day, but fourteenth is when the TPN started lol) I’m attached to the big white bag, had to sleep in a hospital gown last night even *shudder* hate those things. But was helped into a tshirt this morning at least, and told I can eat little things to see how I am with them. Nice Nutritionist. I’ll be on TPN till I’ve gained adaquate weight and nutrition. It wll be weeks… but doctors have all said conflicting times… so I’m confuzzled… hopefully the 6-8 weeks estimate was wrong… specially if I can’t go home at all… stuck here for 3 months o__o; no thank you… anyway on to more fun things. More foody things!!!

I have been on reguarly pain meds for the past 3 days now though, at the intervals allowed, Tramadol, paracetamol and buscopan(to help the tummy spasms, not pain) usually taken all at the same time, 3 times a day, technically could be 4 times if I wanted to wake up in the middle of the night. Which may well be controlling the spasmy stomach pains and stuff, but how will I know for sure the Quavers or whatever I’ve eaten have truly effected me… only difference after I’ve tried like… 5 Quavers, broken up into smaller pieces was that I could taste the cheesey aftertaste I think. And my stomach was a bit bubbly. No pain from them. And no pain all evening. I didn’t even take the painkillers before I went to sleep. Which I usually do. Just in case. (But I’d taken the sleeping tablet instead so that’d probably stop me waking up too hehe, since my bay was particularly chatty last night and I was soooooooooo tired.)

quaver close up

Things like Quavers will melt easily in the mouth, I can suck on em till they’re mushy and chew them into non-existance pretty much.

Anyway. Things I can eat while on TPN. Basically as I’m getting all my calories I’ll need off this bag of white liquid for weeks, I don’t have to worry about actual eating. Of course I will, because I like eating, I enjoy eating, I like my food. I’m not-not gonna eat for another however many weeks it might be attached to this thing. I just have to know it’s food that won’t make my guts worse. Light things. Like the low residue/fibre diet I was already on. I’m going to avoid stodgy heavy things for a while and focus on lighter easier to digest simple things. But that pack alot of flavour, without being too much… all I know is small portions are still key. I can’t have big meals yet. Not possible without me hurling/hurting/burbling madly.


What are these you ask? They’re Frazzles. Bacon flavour maize based snacks far as I know. And another which can be reduced to mush in your mouth. Unlike normal potato crisps which require actual proper chomping and getting rid of sharp edges.


The crispiest of bacon snacks I think not. But if you crunch without turning to mush first, they do I spose. I always preferred sucking all the yummy flavour off first anyway. And they are so much superior to supermarket own brand versions.

There are other crisps which are predominantly not good for you, but light enough that they haven’t disturbed my gut in any major way. Like Wotsits. Which are also mostly air. And Monster Munch, which get stuck in your teeth like a bitch, but there’s a remedy to that. BRUSH YO TEETH!! XD Or spend hours afterwards picking bits of old Monster Munch out of your teeth with your tongue and/or nails lol. Most hygenic, but kills some time. Specially if you’re in hospital.

While I was looking for pictures of Frazzles I stumbled upon this too. Made me laugh, and made me hungry.


Student style pigs in blankets. In this case for an Xmas dinner, but I could happily nom on this combo as a snack anytime. Since cold hot dog weenies are friggin delicious anyways. Probably packed with the wrong kinds of fat and bad parts of the pig, specially for me right now, but my god I love cocktail weenies. They remind me of birthday parties and Christmas.

I’m gonna be continuing to test out light, non stodgy foods in small quantities while I’m starting out on the TPN. I really want stuff like cheese and butter, but too fatty atm… a melted cheese toastie… of any kind….. hnnnnng I would kill for one right now. Seriously. The lady in the bed opposite me, she’s probably too weak to fight back. I could use one of her extra pillows… smother her in the night maybe…. *sideways glances*


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