Snacking Carefully…

So I’ve been on TPN over a week now, seems to be helping with energy, but not so much with weight yet. And I tried eating here and there, and then days of not eating, and my stomach feels the same regardless. It get’s burbly and distended and a bit painful even if I don’t put anything in it… So why should I go hungry entirely. And just sips of water… I ended up eating most of a salt packet yesterday, cos I was desperate for some flavour. (Not all at once ofc)

salt packet

Managed to find a pic of the actual salt packets they have at this hospital. How sad am I?


Today I’ve been bad. But after a day of not eating anything and still ending up in pain in the evening, I decided food was worth it. It’s only a small amount anyway. A few leftover Quavers, a couple of scraps of bread, literally, scraps, I tore out little bits of soft white part, and then a few bacon Frazzles. 7 to be precise. Eaten over like 2 hours. So as not to shock my stomach too bad. So far, so good. No uber negative reprucussions I’ve felt.


So I deduce, that light snacks, ones that can be dissolved in your mouth more or less, are ok for my stomach at the moment. Although my Azathioprine has been stopped because the doc’s think it’s more likely to be scarring not inflamation in my ileum. So I’m just on TPN and decreasing steroids atm, plus all the pain killers I can handle. I swear they’re probably why I’m hurting… specially the new one… which was meant to help… I’ll take everything again tonight, but if I still hurt I’ll be suspicious of taking it again… I don’t wanna be taking stuff if I don’t have to… But if I can eat, very small amounts, and it not result in problems and pain, I would like that. Very much. So I’m trying rice tonight. Just a little. I won’t skarf the lot down, because then I would be in pain like with the baked potato… best stick with little, and not that often…


Oh… meant to be having a blood transfusion before my next TPN goes up, but as normally with hospitals, everything seems slightly delayed… or late… or won’t happen till a day later than you expected. I just wanna find out my blood type XD


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