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No Ramen?!

I’m basically not allowed to eat ramen right now…. cos it’s food and liquid… and I can’t eat and drink at the same time DX So no noodle soups for me…. no hotpot… which sucks… cos I love ramen… but hopefully it won’t be for much longer…

Also… I kind of have no belly button..


My Super Foods: Rice


Click the link to go to a page about sticky thai rice, from top left clockwise, it’s sticky thai rice, Japanese short grain, and then thai jasmine rice. I prefer short grain rices.

It may seem like an obvious boring one, but rice really is brilliant. And on it’s own, simple. Simple enough for stomachs and guts which are recovering it seems. And it’s so versatile in it’s uses. Think of how many dishes rice is used in. You have your basic currys, chilli’s, your fried rice, rice pudding, it’s used to make cereal even! You can have it with stir fries, you can put it in omelette’s,  you can even make it into soup. And fill it with meat and wrap it with leaves. It’s seriously brilliant. And sushi! How do I forget to mention sushi?

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The Sixth Day… of No Food – Torturous delicious smells…

I smell roast potato’s… and gravy… and meat… I can smell everything…


I’m on the 6th day of no food. On the Elemental 028 Extra liquid diet. And it’s roast day on the ward… so all I smell is deliciousness… Technically it was Modulen I started on Tuesday, but that didn’t agree with me, so after 2 and a half days of that they decided to try me on the Elemental 028 Extra stuff. Which has settled day, after the first day of normal food pains after just two 250ml cartons… how liquid can cause the same amount of pain as solid food I don’t know. But it did. But the next day I kept on, managed 3 cartons through the day, 2 of which were watered down and some suggested. Seemed to help. Unlike the dietitian’s and doctor’s instructions, you’re not meant to go right onto the full 7-8 cartons a day, you’re meant to build up to that over a week. So why the hell they were trying to force feed me that much right away I don’t know. Probably because I’ve lost so much weight and haven’t gained anything since coming into hospital… but really… you’d think their medical knowledge would extend that far. Even the nurses seemed shocked at the number I was told I had to drink… They all feel sorry for me, as do the staff who come round asking what people want for breakfast/lunch/dinner. They’ve learned to avoid me… and just give me sad looks instead…

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Crumpet Cravings, Garlic Pizza Muffins + more

Too underdone for my liking, but it’s all personal taste.

Earlier on today I had a huuuge craving for crumpets, alas because of whatever happened yesterday, liquids only, and tomorrow… effin Fresubin…

Crumpets don’t seem to bother me at least. Just toasted with a bit of butter on, not too much mind you, too much fat=bad thing. Usually with crumpets I’d slightly over toast them, since undertoasted is no good. So they might be a little crispier on the outside than some would like :3 Like this.


(Though I’d make sure all the butter was spread into the crumpet, I don’t like getting a mouthful of butter on stuff like toast. My dad prefers that though o_o;)

Drowning a crumpet in melted butter so that when you squish it down it leaks butter is just brilliant, but can’t right now XD. Muffins are also tempting as hell right now…

This was the closest thing to what I made I could find, since most results came up as actual muffins, not English muffins lol. Only difference is the sauce base and kind of meat, though it looks like ham anyway, pepperoni would have been my topping of choice too. Ham and pepperoni. Even better. I did add more cheese than that though… maybe a little too much in retrospect…

English muffins seem to be too stodgy for me at the moment, they fill me up more, I suppose they don’t have all the holes that crumpets do after all. But an English muffin, with some butter and/or whatever toppings you like, quick snack. Works nicely. I made mini garlic pizza muffins(like the ones you might have made in Food Tech class in early high school lol) under the grill a few weeks ago in fact, since tomato isn’t always a good thing, though tomato sauce from a squeezy bottle seems fine. Even puree I think. (Guidelines for making Garlic Pizza Muffin’s below the cut :3)

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To trim the fat, or not trim the fat


So bacon with too much fat on is apparently a very bad idea. I can’t think what else messed up today, so it must have been the bacon muffin I had after my gastro appointment(will elaborate later). But it seemed to just sit in my stomach all day till I hurled in the evening. Tmi I know, but most folks with Crohn’s and IBD have to get used to talking about bodily functions, so it’s probably not that shocking.

I know some things I’ve read have said that fat in general is harder to digest, and therefore bad for Crohn’s. Which I’ll go with, since processed hot dogs and stuff like that seem to bother me, during a flare up anyway. Even though I ate canned/jars of hot dogs loads before. And beans… I miss baked beans… but right now thinking of food isn’t what I wanna do. But there are good fats we need too right? Either way, I went from feeling meh, to feeling seriously bleh… literally.

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Lazy Tuna Cheese Melt


If this is what you want, turn away now, because mine is a quick and lazy version. No grill involved. But plenty of melting.

So I’m meant to be on a low residue, low fibre diet. And I can’t eat massive portions at once, so it means I have to snack literally every couple of hours if I want to get all of my calories. I also need to replenish my protein, which is even harder since the Crohn’s is probably making it so it’s not getting absorbed even if I do eat enough. And apparently things must be fairly low in fat, because fats are harder to digest, so no hot dogs, sausages, processed meats, all the things I loved to snack on… specially hot dogs… and things like cheese, are apparently harder to digest, so when I do brave some cheese, I have to do it in moderation, same for milk products, but that’s mainly because I get phlegmy lol. I think rich foods are also not a great idea for me at the moment, but that’s just me. Everything has to be in tiny pathetic portions either way…

I’m currently looking for quick, easy snack foods that require very little prep time, because sometimes you don’t wanna spend ages making something you then don’t really feel like eating, am I right? So this, a Tuna cheese melt, done the extreme lazy way, and power saving too, I’d like to think.

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Food on the brain

For the past… must be 5 months or so now, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the Food Network. In particular, Diner’s Drive in’s and Dives with Guy Fieri, but obviously, when you have Crohn’s, or IBD, alot of that highly spiced/flavoured delicious looking meat fests that get featured on the show, are off limits to us. Though occasionally there are lighter things, noodles, pasta, rice dishes, it would still be difficult for us to adapt… of course it depends on the person, as Crohn’s and IBD seems to be a fickle mistress unfortunately.

I’ve just got food on the brain. Literally. Even if I’m not hungry. I want to eat and/or cook things. Which is a waste of time… I made Sesame cookie things a few days ago, and ate hardly any of them…. which SUCKS. I want my huge appetite back. And I want to be able to eat what I like again.

This blog will hopefully be a mix of helpful tips and recipe things that don’t bother Crohn’s and IBD, things that don’t agitate our stomachs and bowels. Because right now, mine is bubbling away merrily, though it seems to do that no matter what I eat. That’s my goal. To make my tummy quiet again T-T.