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My Super Foods: Rice


Click the link to go to a page about sticky thai rice, from top left clockwise, it’s sticky thai rice, Japanese short grain, and then thai jasmine rice. I prefer short grain rices.

It may seem like an obvious boring one, but rice really is brilliant. And on it’s own, simple. Simple enough for stomachs and guts which are recovering it seems. And it’s so versatile in it’s uses. Think of how many dishes rice is used in. You have your basic currys, chilli’s, your fried rice, rice pudding, it’s used to make cereal even! You can have it with stir fries, you can put it in omelette’s,  you can even make it into soup. And fill it with meat and wrap it with leaves. It’s seriously brilliant. And sushi! How do I forget to mention sushi?

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My Supposed Safe Foods – 1 – Lanzhou Lamian

So I ate a lot of stuff in China. ALOOOOT of stuff. One of the first I remember being introduced to was near where I worked. What was referred to as the rest of the foreigners as, ‘the Muslim noodle shop’.  Which was most likely because the people who worked there, were actually from a Muslim part of China, the women even wore headscarves and such.

la mian noodles

These are pretty much exactly the noodles in question, nabbed the pic from a thread of deliciousness. Can’t think why I didn’t take photo’s of this… it was early enough in my stay after all. So anyway. Lanzhou Niu Rou La Mian. I always just ordered it as Niu rou la mian, and they knew. Though they did this hand cut style noodle, and a hand pulled noodle, more like the west is used to I spose.

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