I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2007, while I was in 6th form college, and other than random flare ups which were sorted out with a short course of Prednisolone, I seemed to get on just fine. Same for the years proceeding that. Until I go to China, spend over a year there, with no drugs, no Azathioprine(which I was just on indefinitely) and no Pred. I was fine. I ate whatever I liked, I did whatever I liked. The only time I noticed any stomach discomfort or trouble was when I ate western food, McDonalds, pizza, that kinda thing. Eating a Chinese diet(which I will elaborate on) seemed to agree with me.

So I come back to England in 2013 and pretty much all hell breaks loose. My Crohn’s gets worse than I ever remember it being, and I land in hospital. Twice. Within 6 months. My stomach is burbling like crazy and my appetite is next to nothing, plus the pain as well,  and keeping food down had even been a problem at one point. Yet I still end up watching endless food programs and pining after that which I cannot have. Which now seems to be highly seasoned delicious foods… like I ate on pretty much a daily basis in China. Packed with all the MSG I could wish for.(It’s called Gormet Powder in China, and by god is it true.)

Anyway. Sidetracked. This blog will be food based. And Crohn’s and IBD based. Tips and recipes and things to do with Crohn’s and what affected me, and hopefully what will help sort it out, and for you too. But we’ll see won’t we. As it’s so bloody varying from person to person… Hopefully I can do some good while my head is full of delicious things.


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